•  CLINIC: (607) 330-1254
  •  OFFICE: (607) 330-1253
  •   Walk-in Clinic Hours: Mon. 2-6pm Th. 4-7pm

Ithaca Free Clinic

  • We have twice weekly walk-in service hours at the clinic:


                                         Mondays 2-6 pm

                                         Thursdays 4-7 pm


  • You are eligible to be seen at the walk-in clinic if:
    • You have no health insurance
    • You are under-insured (you will need to speak to the Clinic Coordinator about your specific situation)
    • You DO NOT need emergency care. If you need care immediately, please seek help in the Emergency Room at one of the local hospitals, or go to an urgent care clinic near you.
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  • Although donations are welcomed at any time, no fees are ever charged for services at the Ithaca Free Clinic.


  • Although we cannot see patients with insurance, our staff/volunteers can work with insured individuals to find primary care providers who can accept their insurance. Because our facilities are limited, there are some healthcare services we cannot provide in-house, and in many cases, patients will have to pay for these referral services (specialist visits, diagnostic procedures, immunizations, and some prescriptions). We try to work with our visitors to find the best options for necessary costs.


  • If you have a medical emergency, you should seek immediate care at the hospital, urgent care center, or other available option. IFC is not equipped as an emergency room, and many emergency situations cannot wait a few days until the next free clinic hours!


In celebration of World No Tobacco Day (May 31), the New York City Cancer Collaborative — with support from the New York State Smokers' Quitline and NYC Treats Tobacco — presents NYC No Tobacco Week 2020 beginning June 1.

A series of free online evening webinars and variety of online resources in multiple languages will be available to help tobacco users quit smoking and educate healthcare professionals about tobacco use and lung cancer risk.  Read more here on our blog.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Ithaca Free Clinic will be temporarily suspending services.

This action is necessary to ensure the safety of patients, volunteers, volunteer health care providers, and staff. Once we have a better understanding of COVID-19, have the necessary protocols and protective equipment in place, and can assure our patients, volunteers, volunteer health care providers, and staff are interacting in as safe an environment as possible, the Ithaca Free Clinic will resume normal operations.

Please call “211” (1-877-211-8667) for more information on the COVID-19 Pandemic in Tompkins County, NY.

If you’re exhibiting symptoms of fever, cough, or trouble breathing, please call your primary care provider or Tompkins County Department of Health at (607) 274-6604.