Our Model of Care

Type of Care

The Ithaca Health Alliance/Ithaca Free Clinic provides 100% free medical and holistic care to the un and underinsured. The Alliance works as an integrated clinic to provide care to all of its patients and the community to the best of its ability with any resources it has available.  These resources include but are not limited to donations of medical supplies, herbal supplements, and hundreds of hours by dedicated volunteers.

Integrative Care

The Ithaca Health Alliance/Ithaca Free Clinic provides integrative care in that the services it provides are both western medical care and holistic care. There is a walk-in clinic where patients can receive western medical care on a first come first serve basis. There is also holistic care that patients can receive by appointment. Then there is the Chronic Care Program for patients with chronic health concerns who see both western medical providers and holistic providers in a managed program. The integrative nature of the Ithaca Health Alliance is that all providers work under the same roof and can communicate with one another if applicable. This helps patient care and improves communication within the Ithaca Health Alliance.

Integrative care is a core value of IHA, the interrelation of physical, mental, and financial health; sustainability in a community-driven localized environment, and social services for public health; and promotion of dignified, egalitarian cultural health. Integrative medicine combines the strengths of different healing practices to provide a range of health services that promote best outcomes for each patient. Through conventional (“allopathic”) and holistic health therapies, many different health problems can be improved. Ithaca Free Clinic remains one of very few free clinics that provide all these services to people who cannot afford the luxury of visits to multiple providers in different locations.

Preventive Care

The Ithaca Health Alliance/Ithaca Free Clinic will give preventive health care tips that will help keep you healthy longer. Education will be given as much as possible by nurses, NP’s, MDs, herbalists and other providers as time permits during walk-in clinic visits and scheduled appointments to help patients understand their health and what they can do to reduce harm.

Primary Care

The Ithaca Health Alliance/Ithaca Free Clinic can act as a patient’s primary care provider (PCP) as long as the patient does not have any active health insurance.  If the patient has health insurance the patient is still welcome to use other services the insurance does not cover (i.e. herbal medicine, energy work etc.) but if they have medical coverage they will be asked to find another provider in the community to act as their PCP.

Specialty Care/Referrals

The Ithaca Health Alliance/ Ithaca Free Clinic can refer patients to specialized care. After a patient is seen by a provider in the walk-in clinic, they may be referred to a specialist. All visits seen at The Ithaca Free Clinic are free of charge. Unless there is a sliding scale or other special arrangement with the referred provider the specialist referral visit will not be free. 


Ithaca Health Alliance/Ithaca Free Clinic’s medical providers are able to write prescriptions during medical visits.

It is our policy that our providers will NOT write prescriptions for any scheduled or controlled drugs, this includes narcotics.

Ithaca Health Alliance/Ithaca Free Clinic participates in the Urgent Rx Prescription Program in Tompkins County. The prescriptions that are covered in this program are only for acute illness, but are covered 100%. Prescriptions not covered by this program will not be free. Prescriptions cannot be filled at the Ithaca Free Clinic but can be filled at any nearby pharmacy.

Laboratory Services:

Ithaca Health Alliance/Ithaca Free Clinic’s medical providers can write orders for laboratory services, but the patient will need to go to an offsite lab to get the lab work done.  The visit with the provider at the Ithaca Free Clinic will be free of charge but the laboratory services will not be free.

Other Resources in the Community:

  1. Cayuga Medical Center
    (607) 274-4011
  2. Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County
    (607) 272-9331
    or Dial 2-1-1 in Tompkins County, NY
  3. Tompkins County Department of Mental Health Services
    Phone: (607) 274-6200
  4. Tompkins County Health Department
    Phone: (607) 274-6600
  5. Tompkins County Department of Social Services — Medicaid Eligibility
    Phone: (607) 274-5638
  6. Suicide Prevention & Crisis Service
    E-mail spcs@verizon.net
    Phone: (607)272-1505
  7. Alcoholism Council
    Phone: (607) 274-6288
  8. Cayuga Addiction and Recovery Services
    Phone: (607) 273-5500
  9. Family and Children’s Services
    Phone: (607) 273-7780
  10. Fidelis (Facilitated Enrollment and Insurance Services)
    Phone: (315) 437-1835
  11. Healthy New York
    Phone: 1-866-HEALTHY NY (1-866-432-5849)
  12. Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes
    Phone: (607) 273-1513
  13. Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes
    Phone: (607) 277-0960