Ithaca Free Clinic Food Pharmacy


The Ithaca Free Clinic recognizes that many of its clients face barriers to health in addition to being uninsured or underinsured .

Food insecurity, transportation access, and available time to attend food pantries and access other community resources all impact a person’s ability to work with their health care team in order to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.

To answer this problem, the Ithaca Free Clinic opened a food pharmacy in February 2018. Food pharmacies operate within medical establishments and function as a source of supplementary nutrition that meets the dietary guidelines for an individual’s disease.

Our food pharmacy is currently open one Monday per month during clinic hours. Patients can access healthcare and food simultaneously. This creates an inclusive, integrated atmosphere where patients and holistic providers partner in order to improve the health of the whole individual.

Our goal at the Ithaca Free Clinic is to provide integrative services that reduce barriers to health and wellness, all under one roof.


Why are we providing this service?

Through the food pharmacy, the Ithaca Free Clinic improves access to nutritious food amongst it’s clients through the food pharmacy.

By providing healthy food, the clinic is able to reduce barriers to nutrition and improve the relationship between providers and patients.

When is the Food Pharmacy?

The Food Pharmacy operates at the Ithaca Free Clinic one Monday a month. Please call the clinic to ask when the next Food Pharmacy will be held.