•  CLINIC: (607) 330-1254
  •  OFFICE: (607) 330-1253
  •   Walk-in Clinic Hours: Mon. 2-6pm Th. 4-7pm

Board of Directors

2019 Board of Directors as of October 29, 2019:

    • Katherine Doktorich (President)


    • Janis Graham (Vice-President & Secretary)


    • C. Kelly White (Treasurer)


    • Carol Hill (Director)


    • Jared Senador (Director)


    • Beth Harrington (Director)


    •  Justin Earl (Director)


    • Carrie Stock (Director)


    • Joe Sammons (Director)


    • Nicole Ann Beck (Johnson Board Fellow)


    • Prabhjot Singh (Johnson Board Fellow)


Non-Board Officers:

    • Justine Walden, MD (Medical Director)


    • 7Song, Clinical Herbalist (Director of Holistic Medicine)


    • Cynthia Brookhouse (Privacy Officer, HIPAA Compliance)


*The Ithaca Health Alliance is always looking for new, excited volunteer Board members. Please visit the Volunteer page to apply!



Also, the Board has various working Committees. You do not have to be a Board member to apply to be a member of a Committee. Please visit the Volunteer page to apply.

  • Finance Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Personnel Committee