How to Support IHA and Its Programs

The Ithaca Health Alliance is a charitable 501(c)(3) agency.

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The community makes the programs of the Ithaca Health Alliance possible. Volunteers guide the organization through participation on the Board of Directors, by contributing to the work of IHA's committees, and by providing administrative and direct care services at the Ithaca Free Clinic. Information about volunteering with the Health Alliance is available here.

The Alliance also depends on financial support from the community to keep its programs going. Individual contributors provide more than half of IHA's funds. If you would like to make a gift online, you can do so through PayPal or Network for Good.

Donors are invited to designate how they want their funding spent: you can choose to make donations available to a specific project or to all the programs of the Alliance. If you prefer to donate by check, you can download a printable donation form and send it to us by mail.

The Ithaca Health Alliance supports other projects focused on local development. We are proud to accept up to 25% in Ithaca HOURS as a portion of your donation made to help fulfill the needs of the un- and under-insured members of our community. Donations in any amount are welcome; the following are meant as examples of common donations in support of our programs.

  • $25 Just $25 can help to defray the cost of medications prescribed during an acute illness for a Clinic patient or pay up to a third of the cost of a single laboratory specimen test.
  • $50 You can contribute $50 toward a complementary care visit, such as a consultation with an acupuncturist, herbalist, or a chiropractor. Such a donation can, for example, contribute up to 50% of the usual fee for an uncomplicated annual dental examination.
  • $100 A $100 donation can pay for up to one-third the cost of a dental root canal; provide six months worth of home testing equipment for a patient with diabetes receiving services at the Free Clinic; or contribute the entire annual fee for the supplies and maintenance of the Free Clinic's EKG machine. This amount can also be contributed to the primary cost of providing a community health-related presentation, including a healthy snack and on-premises child care, for those who need it.
  • $250 This donation can pay the cost for one person to receive a physical examination required to get a job or go to college, or one month worth of herbal medicines for chronic care patients.
  • $500 At the IHA, we educate members of the community in order that they can avoid the need for emergency care. Yet when such care is necessary, it should also be affordable. A $500 donation can pay the cost of a basic emergency room visit. This can also pay for production, printing and distribution of an issue of IHA's newsletter.
  • $1000 The physician and nurse practitioner volunteers at the Free Clinic receive absolutely no compensation for their expertise. At the same time, the IHA is committed to seeing to it that these medical providers are able to use their skills in the secure knowledge that their practice has been adequately insured. A $1000 donation pays one-fourth the cost of providing malpractice insurance for a Free Clinic physician or nearly the entire fee for insuring the work of a nurse practitioner. Alternately, such a donation can be expected to provide up to one-half the cost of diagnosis and repair of a broken bone.

Sponsoring a service or a program at the Ithaca Health Alliance can be accomplished on line through this website, through the postal mail, or simply by calling the IHA Office Manager at 607-330-1253 or sending email to We hope sponsors will feel free to designate how contributed funds are to be used or, if more convenient, to allow IHA staff and Board Members to decide on the allocation of donations.

Material donations Wish List.
A small stereo with wireless speakers, for our waiting room.
Framing of 8 botanical prints donated by our late Medical Director, Lou Munchmeyer, MD. ($500 each).
Pharmaceutical samples. (We accept packaged samples only, no medications dispensed to individuals.)
Over-the-counter medicine for common maladies.
HON storage cabinet.
Wall-mounted literature rack.
We are sorry, but we cannot accept donations of orthopedic equipment like braces, support boots, and similar items.

Please call us at 607-330-1253 to ask in advance about donations of supplies or equipment, and to schedule a time to deliver the items. Thank you!

Contributers to the Ithaca Health Alliance Free Clinic, Health Fund, or Community Education programs are entitled to receipt of the Ithaca Health Alliance quarterly newsletter, available at this website or through postal mail. Preference should be indicated at the time of contribution.

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